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Growing Smiles Foundation

Why Help?

In July 2015, Temple dental students and Temple-trained dentists traveled to an orphanage outside of Lima, Peru. There, they provided free dental care and education to orphans. Today, this group calls themselves the Growing Smiles Foundation.

Next Year, We will to return to the orphanage and provide more free dental care. We need your support to continue providing these much-needed dental services!

Growing Smiles Foundation is a
Group of Student Dentists and Licensed Dentists
Working to Help Children.


A Little Bit About The Orphans We Are Helping


of the orphans had at least one dental cavity

Fact: A dental cavity is an infection of the tooth.


of the orphans did not own a toothbrush

Fact: A toothbrush in the USA costs less than 1 dollar to make.


of the orphans had at least one dental abscess

Fact: A dental abscess can get into the blood, allowing bacteria to reach any part of the body.


But Guess What?

In July 2015 }

Our team provided over $130,000 in dental services in just 5.5 days. Over 150 children and adults were screened, educated and treated.

Learn more about our July 2015 Trip >


Growing Smiles Foundation Needs Your Help

Growing Smiles Foundation Needs YOUR Help

We do great work, but we depend on donations to keep doing what we do best–Helping the children!.